FAST Covid-19 Molecular – PCR Swab Test in Rome (Home visit)

FAST Covid-19 Molecular – PCR Swab Test in Rome (Home visit)


Now available: FAST home-visit RT-PCR Swab Test for Covid-19.
Results ready the same day (THE TEST HAS TO BE DONE BEFORE 10AM).

Swabs are processed and certified by authorized centers.


In Stock

What is a RT-PCR COVID 19 swab test?

While you may have heard about a variety of nasopharyngeal swab tests, the RT-PCR COVID-19 test remains the gold standard. In fact the RT-PCR test is used to re-confirm a positive Antigen Rapid test result. The RT-PCR test detect the presence of COVID-19 genetic material in nose and throat. Furthermore, RT-PCR tests are required to end the isolation of persons who have tested COVID-19 positive. A doctor’s prescription is always required to get a RT-PCR test and is generally prescribed following a positive Antigen Rapid test as per confirmation test.

What is the difference between an Antigen Rapid and RT-PCR COVID-19 swab test?

Rapid Antigen swab tests for COVID-19 are generally less sensitive (which can mean less accurate) than RT-PCR Molecular test. The first antigen tests to have received FDA approval demonstrated a sensitivity ranging from 84.0%-97.6%. In persons who have the virus, antigen levels collected from rapid tests done 5-7 days after the onset of symptoms may drop below the limit of detection. This may result in a negative rapid test result, while a more sensitive test, such as RT-PCR, would most likely return an accurate positive result.

What to do if I test positive or negative?

We highly advice that you always contact your doctor that will guide you in what to do.

Price for EXPRESS Covid-19 (Coronavirus) RT-PCR Molecular Swab Test – home service

€200 included the cost of the test (€120)

How does it work?

  • Book the service online
  • Choose your preferred date for the home test, enter your details and finalise the reservation.
  • After booking you will be contacted with a fixed time.
  • At this appointed time, personnel equipped with Personal Protective Equipment will come to your home to perform the swab test.
  • The same day you will receive the results from an authorized laboratory

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