Welcome to MedinAction, the premier Italian medical service connecting patients in need with qualified English-speaking doctors.

At MedinAction, we recognize the challenge faced by visitors to Italy in navigating the healthcare system- a foreign language, a foreign country, and a complex healthcare system can make obtaining medical assistance difficult. MedinAction was founded in 2017, driven by a desire to support those in Italy for work, study, or vacation. Our service provides on-demand English-speaking doctors for house calls and online consultations.

While our services began in Rome, we soon expanded to all main Italian cities: Florence, Milan, Venice and more. In 2022, MedinAction opened its services in Spain, and we are excited to continue growing in other countries soon.

At MedinAction, we work closely with a diverse team of local physicians, including general practitioners, specialists, and mental health professionals. Should hospitalization or additional examinations be necessary, such as lab tests, X-rays, MRIs, CT scans, ultrasounds, Fit to Fly Certificates, and more, our extensive network of trusted clinics and hospitals ensures timely and comprehensive medical assistance.

Through our user-friendly app or our website at www.medinaction.com, patients can effortlessly schedule appointments with licensed physicians and receive same-day medical care. Our platform facilitates seamless communication with doctors via live chat or video calls, accommodating both English and Italian languages. Currently, we are proud to have a dedicated team of hundreds of doctors working diligently within MedinAction.

We are proud winners of the prestigious European Award in Medicine and are excited to partner with you in this incredible journey, as we provide accessible and high-quality medical care in Italy, Spain, and soon, all of Europe.

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