Online Pediatric Specialists in Rome, Florence, Milan & Bologna. Also available for House Call Visits in Rome.

A pediatrician is a doctor specialized in treating children ages 0 – 18. Children are not simply “little adults” and require diagnosis and treatment based on their physiology. Communication is key when trying to explain your child’s health problem to their doctor. Our English speaking Pediatric Specialist prioritizes clear and precise information sharing to ensure the health needs of your child are assessed and treated correctly. Having a sick child can be a vulnerable experience. That is why having a qualified specialist who speaks your language is essential.

A Specialized Pediatrician for the Care of your Child

Remember, MedinAction doctors are just a call/text away to help you with any concerns you may have! We offer same day appointments tailored to your schedule and needs.

You can chat for free on our website. Discuss with the doctor about your child’s symptoms and decide if you require a medical home visit for treatment or just some free health advice!

Our English- Speaking Pediatrican Service is available for HOUSE CALL only in:

  • Rome

Our Online Consultation Service with an English- Speaking Pediatrican is available everywhere.