This Privacy Policy is pursuant to Regulation Ue 2016/679 art. 13, (General Data Protection Regulation) – in favor of all Users of the application as described in the Terms and Conditions of use. This Privacy Policy describes the modalities of management and functioning of the Application in relation to the processing of personal data of Customers subscribing to its Services, and is an integral part of the relevant Terms and Conditions of Use, available at

The legal basis for the processing of your particular data, provided in order to receive the visit by the doctors, is the art. 9.2.h) GDPR “processing is necessary for the purposes of preventive or occupational medicine, for the assessment of the working capacity of the employee, medical diagnosis, the provision of health or social care or treatment or the management of health or social care systems and services on the basis of Union or Member State law or pursuant to contract with a health professional and subject to the conditions and safeguards referred to in paragraph 3. Therefore the customer who subscribes to the services provided by MEDINACTION S.R.L.S through the Application and from the website is required to read and accept this information.

The provision of your data is essential to be able to perform the services provided by MEDINACTION S.R.L.S. Failure to provide such data may make it impossible to obtain what has been requested.

The information is provided solely for the Application, for the Web site and for the services contained therein and not also for third party websites and / or other applications that may be accessible through links or other modalities.

General Information and data processing methods

The Data Controller is MEDINACTION S.R.L.S with its registered office at Viale Leonardo Da Vinci 226, 00145 Rome (Italy); e-mail:

The data processed by MEDINACTION S.R.L.S may be:

  • communicated to public or private bodies for the fulfillment of obligations established by law;
    transferred abroad, subject to consent and within the limits set forth in Articles 44 – 50 of the GDPR 679/2016;
  • communicated to persons, companies or professional firms that provide assistance, consultancy or collaboration to MEDINACTION S.R.L.S in accounting, administrative, legal, tax and financial matters;
  • communicated to external collaborators and to all the subjects to whom communication is necessary for the proper fulfillment of the obligations assumed by MEDINACTION S.R.L.S in relation to the contract for the supply of its services;

The processing of the personal data provided is carried out by means of the operations or the set of operations indicated in art. 4 paragraph 2 of the GDPR 679/2016: collection, registration, organization, conservation, consultation, processing, modification, selection, extraction, comparison, use, interconnection, limitation, communication, cancellation and destruction of data.

The collected data can be organized in digital and / or paper databases or archives.

Types of personal data

Data provided by Users of the Application “MEDINACTION S.R.L.S”

Most of of data processed for using the application “MEDINACTION S.R.L.S” consists of the information submitted by Users during registration

The Application and the “MEDINACTION S.R.L.S” website services are offered to only one User at the time:

  1. ) Users;

Users who intend to register an Account must create a profile provided with the following personal data:

– name;

– surname;

– date of birth;

– telephone number;

– valid email address;

– password;

– payment details (Paypal details if chosen as a payment method);

– Address

The submission of these data is mandatory in order to complete the registration, begin using the Application or web-site as a User.

User who intend to request a doctor, in additional, provided Address, if different from the billing address and Symptoms (Symptoms are not mandatory)

The User guarantees the authenticity of the data provided and is responsible for their periodic update.

Failure to provide the data reported above for each type of User during registration, or the submission of false and / or inaccurate data may result in the impossibility for the User to use the services of the Application “MedinAction”. The collection concerns solely those personal data which will be processed exclusively within the limits concerning the obligations, duties and purposes indicated in the following articles of the present statement.

The User thus will not be required to submit information which could potentially reveal racial or ethnic origins, religious beliefs, political opinions, sexual orientation (so called “sensitive data”), as well as judicial data.

The particular data provided during the performance of the Doctor will be covered by professional secrecy by your Doctor and they will not be the object of communication nor even of diffusion.

The registered User may also choose to submit to MEDINACTION SRLS., by using the “MedinAction” Application, additional personal data relating to services used by means of the application itself, such as: GPS position to book non-emergency medical services etc. Such data may be used by “MEDINACTION S.R.L.S ..” in the ways and for the purposes set out in this Privacy Policy.

The User will able to remove his account and all his data in anytime, from the website, from the Application and with an email to

We would like to remind you that:

We provide health and medical advice via our video and audio doctor consultations.

We provide information services via our digital healthcare tools, such as our triage and symptom checker, and our Healthcheck service. The output from these does not constitute medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. You should always talk to a qualified medical professional about any questions you may have about a medical condition. If you think you have a medical emergency, you should call your doctor or the emergency services immediately. Any decisions you make affecting your health should always be made in consultation with a doctor, and not on the basis of our digital healthcare tools.

Some conditions are not suitable for remote advice (via Online Video Consultation) and in that case, we will refund you the full amount.

We need certain information from you in order to provide services

We don’t take responsibility for laws outside the ITA and governing access to our services. Some of our services are specifically designed for use in the ITA and if you use them elsewhere you should check in your country or region that it is appropriate and lawful for you to do so.

The App and the website are not suitable for managing medical emergencies.

The App and website are not suitable for unrestricted use by persons under 18.

B) Data provided automatically during the use of the Application “MEDINACTION S.R.L.S.”

1) Browsing data:

The information systems and software procedures for the functioning of the application “MedinAction” acquire, during their normal operation, some data whose transmission is implied in the use of Internet communication protocols. This information is not collected to be associated with specific individuals. However, given its very nature, it could lead to identify users by means of processing and associations with data held by third parties.

This category of data includes IP addresses or domain names of the terminals on which Users use the application “MedinAction”, the URI addresses (Uniform Resource Identifier) of requested resources, time of the request, methodology used to submit the request to the server, size of the file obtained in response, the numerical code indicating the status of the response given by the server (OK, error, etc..) and other parameters relating to the operating system of the User’s terminal.

These data are used only to gather anonymous statistical information about the use of the Application “MedinAction” and to check its correct functioning. These data are deleted immediately after being processed, unless their utilization is necessary in case of crimes committed against the site and /or in case of order by the competent authority in the context of law enforcement and repression of crimes.

2) Cookies:

The application and the “MedinAction” Web site use Technical cookies necessary to correctly use the application so called “session cookies” (temporary or unique identifiers associated with the application during the whole session of use thereof) providing access to the services available for each type of registered User and load any customization of the interface and functionality the application itself.

The use of cookies is strictly limited to the transmission of session identifiers (consisting of random numbers generated by the server) and to software usage data necessary to enable the safe and efficient use of the services rendered by the Application “MedinAction”. The cookies used by the Application “MedinAction” do not carry out IT techniques potentially detrimental to the privacy of the Users and do not allow the acquisition of personal identification data of the User.

Purpose of data processing

The data collected with the methods described in the preceding sections shall be processed by MEDINACTION S.R.L.S. with telematics and computerized means in order to ensure the correct functioning of the Application and the website “Medinaction”. MEDINACTION S.R.L.S. moreover reserves the right to treat these data to conduct an aggregated and anonymous census of the Application’s usage statistics in order to always deliver services that respond to the needs of users.

In particular, the data provided by users in the manner described above will be processed by MEDINACTION S.R.L.S. by computerized and computerized means for the following purposes:

  • authentication of registered users for the use of the services offered through the application;
  • creation and maintenance of an interactive database, related to the services offered by the Application, freely available for free by users;
  • collection, organization and viewing by all users of their online profiles;
  • creation of a customer database and administrative, accounting and operational management of the contractual relationship related to the services offered through the Application and the website;
  • provision of communications relating to the performance of the contractual relationship established with MEDINACTION S.R.L.S. (including the management of mailing lists and newsletters);
  • Take on charge of your request and submit it to the doctor most suited to provide the visit
  • supplying the Judicial Authority with any information requested;
  • transfer to third-party service providers only of the data strictly necessary for the performance of activities complementary to those of the Application upon notification to registered users, (eg publication of the advertisement on specialized websites of MEDINACTION S.R.L.S.);
  • conferment of data to partner service companies where their processing is necessary for the telematic management of services and payments and only for the functions related to the service requested by the user.

The data supplied by visitors to the web site “in the ways referred to in section 2, letter c), shall be processed by MEDINACTION S.R.L.S. to provide the non-urgent medical service requested by the User through the site or app “MedinAction”.

The processing of data will be based on principles of fairness, legality and transparency, with methodologies suitable to guarantee the maximum security and confidentiality.

We communicate user data to doctors who collaborate with MEDINACTION S.R.L.S., also, the data provided to the Doctor during the medical performance will be covered by professional secrecy by the same Doctor who performed the service.

MEDINACTION S.R.L.S. will not disclose nor transfer to third parties the data in its possession, unless the registered Users of the Application give express permission for complementary purposes relevant to the promotional and/or commercial service summarized above.

Treatment duration – Modification of the statement

The processing of data in the manner summarized above will have a duration equal to that necessary for the purposes for which the data were collected, in compliance with Article 5, lett. and of the European Regulation 679/2016

In case of cancellation and/or suspension of the User Account, the collected data will be stored according to the modalities and for the duration provided for by the law.

MEDINACTION S.R.L.S. reserves the right to modify at any time the content of this Privacy Statement notifying all recipients via e-mail to registered Users: the changes will be effective as of 15 days after the date of communication.

Security of information

All information collected through the Application are stored and collected securely, on digital and physical assets, which limit access to authorized staff exclusively. The Application by which the services of MEDINACTION S.R.L.S. are offered is regularly checked in order to avoid the presence of any security breaches, and ensure that all the collected information is safe from undesired access.

MEDINACTION S.R.L.S. abides by all the safety measures required by the relevant regulations provided for in the European Regulation, in order to ensure and guarantee the confidentiality of Users personal data, and minimize as much as possible the dangers posed by unauthorized access, removal, loss or damage to Users personal data.

Protection of minors

The services offered by MEDINACTION S.R.L.S. are expressly and exclusively dedicated to an adult audience. The Application does not accept, therefore, the registration of a User Account by anyone under the age of 18. Registered Users will be able to report to the address listed at the bottom of this Privacy Policy any violation.

The data of minors potentially processed in relation to the services offered shall be those strictly necessary to describe the non-urgent medical performance required by the child’s parent (age and symptoms) and will be submitted under the responsibility of the Account holder and disclosed solely to the applicants potentially interested in the offer.

Exercise of Rights, Requests and Contacts

You have the right to ask MEDINACTION S.R.L.S. at any time the access to his personal data, the correction or cancellation of the same or to oppose their treatment, has the right to request the limitation of treatment in the cases provided for by art. 18 of the Regulations, as well as obtaining, in a structured format, in common use and readable by automatic device, the data concerning it, in the cases provided for by art. 20 of the Regulation.

All communications and requests pursuant to the current Privacy legislation must be addressed to:


Viale Leonardo Da Vinci, 226

00145 Roma