Since 2017 MedinAction carefully chooses international clinics to partner with to always guarantee and provide a professional service end to end: from the home doctor to the surgical operation in the clinic.

Starting in Rome in 2017, MedinAction has then expanded its services to Milan, Florence, and Naples finally opening also in Barcelona. We are proud of the partnership we have with main international hospitals and clinics since we believe they are the demonstration of the high-quality standards of services we always aim to provide.

You can find a brief description about main services of each hospital/clinic below.



The UPMC Salvator Mundi International Hospital is a 24h open private hospital since 1951. Today it’s part of the UPMC (University of Pittsburgh Medical Center) group, a non-profit global healthcare company among the largest in the United States. Located in Rome’s Monteverde Vecchio, highly specialized surgical and diagnostic equipment, 6 operating rooms, a postoperative Intensive Care Unit and a wide array of specialty medical departments and services – amongst which the advanced International and Tropical Medicine and Microbiology Laboratory, the Imaging Center and a Physio Center with its Hydrokinesis pool. The private hospital also offers an Emergency first-aid service.


casa di cura ulivella

Ulivella Clinic is the most representative reality of private hospital in the Tuscany Region, divided into the three fundamental areas of Medicine, Surgery and Rehabilitation. Within “Ulivella”, Orthopedics (regarding prosthetic surgery), Neurosurgery, General Surgery, General Medicine, Gynecology, Ophthalmology, Otorhinolaryngology, Urology have been developed above all. In connection with these activities, the associated diagnostics services have been expanded.



Columbus Clinic Center is a private Clinic that offers high level surgical procedures. “Care for the health of the patient by achieving the excellence of care and hospitalization, using the most advanced technologies” is the mission of the Clinic. For this reason, Columbus Clinic Center is equipped with State-of-the-Art technological instruments.
The new “hybrid” operating room and the other five surgical rooms are all equipped with a system for robotic surgery and are a sign of the Clinic focus on the constant evolutions of medicine.


casa di cura ospedale internazionale naples

The International Hospital is a private nursing home accredited with the National Health System and equipped with 50 hospital beds. It is a multi-specialized structure that provides services in General Surgery, Vascular Surgery, Obstetrics and Gynecology with Nursery, Neonatology, Ophthalmology and Internal Medicine. In agreement with the S.S.N. also guarantees the following diagnostic activity: Diagnostic by images, Radiodiagnostics and Interventional Radiology, Pre-natal diagnostics, Cardiotocography, Digestive endoscopy, Sterility and Infertility Center, Cardiology, Service for the study of menopause, Clinical analysis laboratory, Intraoperative extemporaneous examination service.


clinica corachan barcelona

Clínica Corachan is one of the most prestigious private clinics in Barcelona. They combine tradition and modernity, which guarantees maximum attention and personalized treatment.
The institution focuses on attending and satisfying all of its patients’ needs by offering high quality, personal attention with a human touch. In 2021, as part of its commitment to quality, being in the vanguard and excellence, Clínica Corachan received the award for the best clinic in Spain in the TOP 20 of IASIST in the category of private, large-scale hospitals, confirmed as in the previous seven years. This award distinguishes the clinic as one of the most efficient and most highly valued centers in the country.

MedinAction always guarantees to the patient the best services available on the territory and we are always looking for valuable partner able to provide high standard and qualified assistance.

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