A Fit to Fly Certificate is a document confirming your ability to travel with a medical condition. Of course, should this be the case, speaking with a doctor should be the first thing you do. Nevertheless, there are several things you should know about Fit to Fly Certificates in order to plan your trip as easily as possible.

So here they are!

When is a Fit to Fly Certificate needed?

Requirements vary between airlines, but there are several general reasons you might need a Certificate for:

  • You have recently been discharged from a hospital.
  • You are recovering from an ongoing medical condition.
  • You are suffering from a chronic medical condition.

A Fit to Fly certificate may be required for each of these cases if your doctor determined that you could be adversely affected by flying. Conditions vary from a sprained ankle to mental illness and infectious diseases, so check with the airline as soon as possible.

Additionally, airlines may require a detailed description of your condition in order to ensure that any discomfort caused by your illness is kept to a minimum. Equipment such as oxygen tanks, mobility aids, and other medical devices should be specified by your general practitioner.

Do I Need a Fit to Fly Certificate if I’m Pregnant?

Pregnancy is the one condition you will definitely need a fit to fly certificate for. After the 28th week, Airlines are required to demand assurance from your doctor that you are healthy and that your pregnancy is normal, as well as an estimate for your expected due date. After the 37th week of pregnancy, 32nd if you’re carrying twins, most airlines will not allow you to travel, regardless of whether you have a certificate or not. This is to ensure that you don’t go into labour without access to proper medical care. Contrary to popular belief, however, there is no significant danger to the mother or the baby while flying.

How do I get a Fit to Fly Certificate When Abroad?

It is imperative that you consult a qualified professional before traveling with a medical condition. Depending on where you are, varying hurdles like the language barrier and doctor availability may stand in your way. Check with your doctor or local consulate for recommended medical providers.

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Fly Safe!

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