When traveling in Italy, how do you tell people you a food allergy? And, if you need medical assistance, how do you ask for the necessary medication? Here below is a list of the most common food allergies in Italian and how you can get some relief.

If you have any questions about allergies or medication, you can always email, text, or write us! Let us help you get the treatment you need so you can get back to enjoying la dolce vita.

Food Allergy: Allergia Alementare (al-er-JEE-ah al-i-men-TAR-ay)

Food allergies can cause mild to severe reactions depending on your tolerance. Typical reactions include rashes, indigestion, diarrhea, strange after-taste, and headaches with more serious symptoms being shortness of breath, tongue or throat swelling, and anaphylaxis. Common food allergies include:

  • Nuts: noci (no-CHEE)
  • Gluten: glutine (GLOO-tee-nay)
  • Dairy: latosio (lah-TOE-see-oh)
  • Cheese: Formaggio (for-MAH-jee-oh)
  • Milk: Latte (LAH-tay)
  • Alcohol: Bevande Alcoliche (bev-AN-day al-COL-ee-kay)
  • Sulfates: Solfati (sol-FAH-tee)
  • Soy: Soia (SOY-ah)
  • Shell fish: Crostacei (croh-STAH-chay-ee) or Molluschi (mol-OOS-key)
  • Tropical Fruit: Frutta Tropicale (FROO-tah troh-pee-KAH-lay)
  • Wheat: Grano (GRAH-noh)
  • Eggs: Uovo (oo-OH-voh)
  • Red Meat: Carne (CAR-nay)
  • Chicken: Pollo (POH-loh)
  • Pork: Maiale (my-AH-lay)

Go to Food Allergy Italia for more information on food allergies in Italy.

Pharmaceutical Relief

To alleviate the effect of food allergies, or even just sensitivity, here are some products you can pick-up at the local farmacia.

Head Aches: Mal di Testa (mal dee TES-tah)

  • Aspirin: Aspirina (ass-pee-REE-nah)
  • Ibuprofen: Ibuprofene (ee-boo-proh-FEE-nay)
  • Tylenol: Acetaminofene (ah-CHET-ah-mee-noh-fen-ay)

Nausea and diarrhea: Nausea (NOW-zee-) e Diareea (dee-ah-RAY-ah)

  • Immodium (same name brand in Italy as in US)
  • Biochetasi (bee-oh-kay-TAH-see), like US Alka-Seltzer

Skin Rashes and Hives: Sfogo Cutaneo (SFOH-go COO-tah-nay-oh) e Orticaria (OR-tee-car-ee-ah)

  • Antihistamine: Antistaminico (an-TEE-stah-min-ee-coh). Brands include Loratadina, Fristamin, and Clarityn. May require a doctor’s prescription.
  • Cortisone: Cortizone (cor-tee-ZOH-nay). Can be administered by pills, shots, or creams. Requires a doctor’s prescription.

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