Food Markets in the Eternal City

All throughout Rome there are many different food markets that offer fresh seasonal fruits and vegetables daily. These markets offer more than just fresh fruits and vegetables, some of them may offer bread, cheese, pastries, meats and much more. Not only do the markets provide great tasting food and drinks they are also a great price too. Below are just a few of some of the most popular markets in Rome.


Campagna Amica Market at Circo Massimo

74 Via di S. Teodoro, 00186, Rome

Saturday: 9am-6pm

Sunday 9am-4pm


Campo de’ Fiori Market

Piazza Campo de’ Fiori

Monday-Saturday 7am-2pm


Citta dell’Altra Economia

Largo Dino Frisullo

Tuesday-Sunday 9:30am-9pm

Mercato Garbatella

Via Francesco Passino 24

Saturday 9am-6pm

Sunday 9am-2pm


Mercato Rionale di Monti

Via Baccina, 36

Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, & Saturday 7am-3pm

Tuesday & Friday 7am-7pm

Nuovo Mercato di Testaccio

Entrances from Via Galvani, Via Franklin & Via Manuzio

Monday-Saturday 6am-3pm

Nuovo Mercato Esquilino

Via Principe Amedeo, 184

Monday, Wednesday & Thursday 5am-3pm

Tuesday & Friday 5am-5pm

Saturday 5am-1pm


Nuovo Mercato Trionfale

Via la Goletta, 1

Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday 7am-2pm

Tuesday & Friday 7am-7pm


Piazza del Unita Market

Via Cola di Rienzo, 245

Monday-Saturday 7am-8pm


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