Late Night Pharmacies in Naples

Late Night Pharmacies in Naples

Most pharmacies in Napoli adhere to usual opening and closing times, however there are a number that stay open late. These pharmacies are probably different than what you may be used to at home, so tourists and expats should be wary of self-diagnosing and requesting the drug that they think may be most appropriate, because Italian pharmacists tend to take their own liberties when giving medication. Consulting a qualified doctor is always best. You can also read our article on “How to ask for that at the pharmacy” and make sure you get it right!

Here is a list of some of the best late night pharmacies in Naples.

Pharmacy Cannon Dott. Domenico Del Vecchio

Via Alessandro Scarlatti, 79-85

Open non stop

Farmacia Londra

Piazza Municipio, 54,

Open Sun-Fri 24/7, closed Sat

Pharmacy De Tommasis

Piazza Francesco Muzii, 24/25/26

Open non stop

Pharmacy Eufarma

Via Michele Pietravalle, 1

Open non stop

Farmacia Alfani Dr. Errico

Via Francesco Cilea, 122

Open Mon-Sat 24/7, Sun 12am-9am & 8pm-12am

Farmacia Di Lullo del Dott. G. Lorito Napoli

Via Genova, 27

Open Mon-Sun 8am-9pm

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