With the intense heat during the summer in Italy it is especially important to make sure you are staying hydrated and properly taking care of your body. Some of the most common and preventable illnesses that occur in the summer are heat related. With that said there are many things you can do such to help prevent these illnesses those include drinking enough water, maintaining proper nutrition, protecting yourself from extreme heat, and more.


How to stay hydrated?

As most people know water plays a huge role in preventing dehydration as it makes up around 60 percent of your body weight. With water being extremely important to stay hydrated many may be wondering what the best water is to drink around Italy. Fortunately, throughout Italy there are many fountains located all over that provide fresh cold drinking water that is completely free. You can either carry around a water bottle and refill it or you can simply hold your hand over the end of the spout to block the water flow and watch a thin arch stream from the top of the spout. If you are not satisfied with the fountains you may purchase bottled water or drink from the tap as long as it is safe to do so.

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How to maintain proper nutrition?

Another thing that plays an important role in your overall health and avoiding heat related illnesses include making sure you are maintaining proper nutrition. Throughout Italy it is very easy to find fresh fruits and vegetables which can play a role in helping you stay hydrated during extreme heat. It is best to avoid foods that are high in fat and high in sugar as those will only deprive your body of sustainable energy and thus exhaust you quicker. When shopping for food be aware of what is in season and what is not.

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How to best avoid the heat?

To reduce your exposure throughout the day to extreme heat you should avoid spending long amounts of time outside from 11am to 3pm. This is usually when the sun is the hottest and you will find your energy drains faster. If you are a tourist spend this time inside churches or museums or simply take a “siesta” for some time in the afternoon a commonality in Italy since many businesses tend to close in the afternoon for 1-2 hours. You should also be sure to wear sunscreen to avoid sunburns. Italian summers can be very hot, and sunburns can be painful and also put you at a higher risk of developing skin cancer. Finally, you should be sure where you live has air conditioning so you can cool down on extremely hot days in Italy.

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