What to do for a sunburn when in Italy

What to do for a sunburn when in Italy

Protection first!

  • Pick up some crema solare (sunscreen) at the pharmacy and make sure the SPF is at least 30.
  • Apply sunscreen generously all over and rub the cream in until it’s fully absorbed.
  • Reapply sunscreen every 2 hours during mid-day (10am-4pm) or any time after swimming.
  • Wear a hat with a wide brim and stay in the shade as much as possible to avoid over-exposure during peak sun intensity periods (mid-day).
  • Remember: water and sand can intensify sun rays so if you are on a boat or at the beach, be extra aware of your sun exposure.
  • Drink water to keep your fluid levels high and avoid dehydration.
  • Any kind of tan or burn is indicative so sun damage, so, even if you don’t think you burned, any kind of increase in color is harmful to your skin.
  • Just one sun burn dramatically increases your chances of skin cancer to take precautionary measures to safeguard your skin!

Damage control second!

  • If you think you’ve burned, get inside as soon as possible or cover the affected area with clothing.
  • If you suffer a first-degree sunburn, apply some aloe vera or crema dopo sole (after-sun cream) to the affected area. Moisturize the area when damp for maximum effect. Keeping the burned area moist will prevent drying, peeling, and skin cracking.
  • Take Ibuprofen, Naproxen, aspirin, or another kind of antiinflamatorio (anti-inflammatory) pharmaceutical to reduce redness, inflammation, and skin sensitivity and/or tenderness.
  • Drink a beverage with electrolytes to replenish necessary vitamins and salts in your body.
  • For second-degree burns (areas that start to blister) call a doctor. Don’t pop blisters as that can lead to infection or scarring.
  • Developing a fever or chills is also a sign that you may need immediate medical attention.

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For more information on sunburns and sun protection, go to The American Academy of Dermatology