Lusty red wines, succulent panforte, sweet gelato, divine pizza, slurpy pasta’s; the list goes on and on. How can one be concerned about health and wellness when surrounded by Italian foods like these? While there are certainly many ways to overindulge, here are just a few ways to keep healthy and well, while adventuring Italy:

  • Aperitifs: Watching the waistline couldn’t get any more enjoyable than this wonderful Italian custom. An aperitif bar is a place to meet up with friends while enjoying a cocktail and a few light snacks before the evening meal. If desired, an aperitif can substitute for a light dinner. Many places, like, will have a large selection of appetizers to choose from with plenty of vegetable options. Just remember, it’s not cool to partake excessively of spirits in Italy. Keep it calm and classy.
  • Local Mercato: Many of Italy’s local markets will be full of ways to keep your travels healthy. I strongly recommend spending a few hours roaming around and taking in all the culture that this sensational experience has to offer. San Lorenzo is a wonderful market to get lost in, located at Piazza di San Lorenzo, 9 in Florence. If your accommodations allow, try purchasing a few fresh, local ingredients and making a meal of them. Make sure sit down and people watch for a few minutes. You won’t be sorry.
  • Be choosy: If you’ve already had a dinner in Italy, you realize just how big of an event it can be. There are several courses to an Italian meal with the line up looking something like this: antipasto, pasta/pizza, meat/fish dish, salad, dessert, followed by a caffe (espresso). Should you enjoy this Italian dining practice at least once? A resounding YES! However, the rest of the time you are allowed to be choosy. You can decide which of these courses you want and order just that. There is no need to overeat at each meal.

Here are a few different options for healthier eating while traveling in some of Italy’s more popular destinations:



Florence: Try to find some great places to eat.

  • Exercise: Last on the list but it certainly won’t be least in all of your wayfaring around Italy. You will find that your own two feet are the best mode of transportation in this exquisite county. Keep in mind that all that walking will be helpful in the fight against a widening waist line. To get in more of cardio workout, throw a jump rope into your suitcase. Its lightweight and easy to use and a great workout. Also, don’t be afraid to go for an early morning run. It can be one of the best ways to get a unique feel of a city! Try downloading a workout app onto your phone before you go. I personally like

In the end, gaining a few pounds while expanding your horizon isn’t the worst thing to ever happen! Take it in stride and when you return home tighten up the diet to lose the extra weight.

About the Author: Julianne Griswold

Nutrition and Dietetic Technician with a passion for health and wellness. Graduated from Oklahoma State University-Okc. Completed yoga teacher training, earning a RYT-200. Completed online training in functional nutrition.